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It all begins right here.

We require all prospective members to complete an application that gives you an opportunity to describe the website you would like to host with us. Your application for hosting will be reviewed by a committee who will determine whether to grant you membership.

The sites we currently host are extremely diverse: cancer charities, cartographers, unicycle clubs, tech bloggers, graphic artists, and many more things sometimes generous, mundane, or bizarre. The single thing common to all is that they made us want to host them. More advice.

Capture our interest.

After starting

You will need to verify your address by clicking a link emailed to the address you provided. That was easy!

You will complete your hosting request providing thoughtful and detailed responses to the questions asked. You're so eloquent!

After the due date, our committee will review all the hosting requests we received, including yours!

Emails will be sent out to all prospective members informing them of our decision. We can't wait to see your website!